The device commonly known as MD-3 is a non contact laser measuring device designed to accurately determine the diameter and location, for internal and external, multi-grooved machined components. The MD-3 is designed to work with a Laptop computer, supplied as part of the package.

At the start of a normal production day, a test calibration of the Internal and External Diameters as well as the Edge Location program would take place; this being a requirement before measuring production components can be verified. The procedure is designed to ensure the MD-3 accuracy enabling it to then measure any component size in the systems data base. Testing can only be effective once the measuring chamber has reached its operational temperature range.”

We also offer 1 day's taining free of charge, with the facility paying for all travel and hotel expences, including out of pocket expense.
Our normal payment terms are 40% with order, 50% at the time of shipment with the balance net 30 days from date of shipment.
Delivery time depends upon number of devices ordered. A minimum length of 8weeks following receipt of all technical information and initial payment.

Immediate benefits derived from using our devices;
Total repeatable accuracy available through automatic self diagnostic calibration at the start of each measuring cycle.
Setup time for each different component to be measured is on average  2 minutes.
Major saving in both cost of labor and time, as only semi-skilled personal required. 
Automatically records all pertinent data to ensure a complete history of checking for each component is subsequently available. 

The MD-3 criteria are comparable to the reporting format required by;

The automotive action group (AIAG)

The measurement systems manual (MSA) developed by teams at Chrysler, Ford and General Motors (QS-9000-4.11.4)

It has fewer than 10% accuracy error on total tolerance of standard used
It is also under 10% variation of Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility

 Although the MD-3 can be supplied as an inline unit directly connected to one or more machining centers, the model we show here is our bench device.

The bench device requires the operator to place the component to be measured on to the carriage saddle which would have been preset to accurately centralize it in place.

However before the device can be activated a Supervisor is required to enter certain information into the Laptop software screens.

Such as

Drawing Number

Drawing Revision Number 

Operator ID. Number
Shift Number
Machining Center Number
Drawing Description

In addition to the above the software will automatically record the date and time against each test undertaken and produce a comprehensive report also containing a record of the each measurement taken. The Supervisor can have the measurement results, printed out in either Metric or Imperial.

Once the component has been placed on the saddle and the necessary data entered into the software, all the operator needs to do is to activate the start procedure, by pressing the appropriate button.

Before the device can then automatically take over and start to record the critical information required, a self diagnostic check is made to ensure the carriage has moved to the correct position. Should this not be the case no measuring will be permitted without the device first caring out a correcting procedure. This procedure is automatic and does not require the help of the operator.

Since the MD-3 relies on the principle of comparison, a full calibration procedure is required using either a Master component or XX certified Gauges. This procedure is to be carried out at the introduction of a new component size. This enables storage of the new information in the systems data base. This data is then automatically referred to each time a like component is measured.

Having satisfied all conditions set by the Manager at the Systems Calibration stage, the MD-3 device automatically starts its measuring sequence recording all information gathered, placing it into a report as it relates to the production component . The report can be left on the hard drive, printed out or placed on a Disc for safe keeping.

Once the MD-3 has completed its measuring cycle the carriage is returned to the start positions enabling the operator to remove and substitute the component with another. And so allowing the procedure to be repeated as many times as required.

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The device commonly known as MD-3 is a non contact laser measuring device designed to accurately determine the diameter and location, for internal and external, multi-grooved machined components. The MD-3 is designed to work with a Laptop... Read More

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