We are manufacturers of highly accurate measuring devices using non-contact Laser technology.

Currently we offer a number of devices to the metal machining sector of industry where tightly held tolerances on components are required.

Our equipment is able to record measurements to within 0.0002" Thereby satisfying the assurance factor related to R&R. Read more

The device commonly known as MD-3 is a non contact laser measuring device designed to accurately determine the diameter and location, for internal and external, multi-grooved machined components. The MD-3 is designed to work with a Laptop... Read More
The GMD-6 is a non-contact measuring device designed for gear components having an out-side diameter from 2-1/2" to 6.00" and weighing no more than 4 pounds. Other models are available to take greater components sizes. The GMD-6 is designed to work with a laptop... Read More
External profile laser non contact measuring device HMD-L09-A. Designed to measure the outer profile of small to medium size components produced on screw machines and machining centers... Read More

HeartBeat of America
In this video, you will see an interview with
our C.E.O. You will also take an in-depth Look into the MD-3. Approx Runtime: 11 minutes
This Portion of the video shows the MD-3 only.
Approx Runtime: 5 minutes
Laser Optical measuring device HMD / VMD
Approx Runtime: 6 minutes
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