HMD | Non Contact Laser Optical Measuring Device

Designed to measure all component outside diameters and their associated tolerances.

Able to accurately determine the location of all edges giving the length associated with the manufacturing drawing.

Able to locate all through holes giving their diameter and position.

Able to give the concentric alignment of the component diameters relative to the axis.

The device is supplied with the ability to either hold the piece on centers or with a three jaw chuck arrangement, which through the laptop at set-up, automatically adjusts to lightly grip the component at one end, using a tail stock at the other end.

The device is able to accept components from 1/4" to 2" diameter (window) and from 1" to 9" in length.

The head is able to rotate through up to a revolution or any degree in between and in the case of checking the diameter giving the average dimension, since the device is designed to take multiple reading during the components rotation.

In the case of a cam shaft set-up, the device is able to give the off-set and its associated diameter contained within the Laser window.

The operator will be able to see a camera shot on the interface screen giving a picture of the area and its location which the laser is currently measuring.

The device is designed to work in a Production Environment.

With the Laptop connection, the following information is recorded:

  • Drawing Number.
  • Drawing Revision Number.
  • Date and Time.
  • Operator ID. Number.
  • Job Number.
  • Shift Number.
  • Customer Name.
  • Machining Center Number.
  • Automatic Measurement change for Metric or Inch.
  • All Initial Measurement Set-ups, in keeping with the Drawing.
  • Results recorded for Actual compared with Required.
  • Retention of past Set-ups associated with other Drawings.
  • Export to Excel and other formats.
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