Spur and Helical Gear Measuring Device GMD-6

The purpose of this device is to accurately determine if the manufactured gear is in keeping with the engineering specification call for in the drawing.

The device is to act as a quality control unit either as an inline production stage or as a stand alone/ bench model.

Under normal production procedure, the Supervisor having entered the manufacturing data into laptop supplied as part of the setup requires the operator to only place the Gear to be tested on a mandrel. The size of the mandrel corresponds to the bore size of the gear itself. The mandrel used is easily interchangeable for different  bore sizes.

Having seated the Gear, with the mandrel being part of a Rotary Stage, the stage is moved towards a sensor. The stage is in turn monitored by a laser beam to ensure the correct positioning of the Gear, always takes place. The actual travel forward to the laser is achieved using a linear slide controlled through an encoder. Once in the correct position, the rotary stage is activate to run at a preset yet constant speed.

The Impulse Sensor positioned above the tooth receives a register signal from both the leading and trailing edge as each tooth as it passes by. This information is recorded and used to determine the final Cord Dimension, taken at the Pitch Circle Diameter of each gear tooth. The actual measurement taken for the Cord Length of each tooth is accurate to at least 0.0002"

The primary function of the Laser is to monitor the Outside and the Root Diameters as well as making minute adjustments to the location of the saddle, ensuring the position of the Pitch Circle of the gear under test is always maintained in the correct location. The GMD-6 will accommodate gear teeth from 24DP through to 3DP, and able to measure spur gears from 2" to 6" outside diameter. For other shaped gears such as ring or helical gears, a different saddle arrangement will be required.

The Rotary Stage will be moved from the loading position (home) of the Linear Slide to the tooth measuring position; the distance traveled could vary with each new set of gear dimensions. Once measuring has been completed the rotary stage returns to the loading position for the gear to be exchanged.

 All information  below reflects the readings taken of each gear measured and will appear in a report.The report can be stored on the hard drive or sent to the printer.

Report # 
Supervisor ID. #.
Operator ID. #
Job # 
Date of Test
Drawing #
Shift #
Revision #
Information below is entered by the Supervisor and verifed by the GMD-6. It is recorded and forms part of the Published Report.

P.C. D 

Cord Dimension

Outside Diameter
Root Diameter
Number of Teeth
Diametrical Pitch
Width of Tooth

The criteria are comparable to the reporting format required by;

The automotive action group (AIAG)

The measurement systems manual (MSA) developed by teams at Chrysler, Ford and General Motors (QS-9000-4.11.4)

Under 10% accuracy error on total tolerance of intended
Under 10% variation of Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility
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